Ayahuasca is an Amazonian psychoactive brew of two main components. Its active agents are β-carboline and tryptamine derivatives. As a sacrament, ayahuasca is still a central element of many healing ceremonies in the Amazon Basin and its ritual consumption has become common among the mestizo populations of South America. Ayahuasca use amongst the indigenous people of the Amazon is a form of traditional medicine and cultural psychiatry. Soul-Herbs.com During the last two decades, the substance has become increasingly known among both scientists and laymen, and currently its use is spreading all over in the Western world. In the present paper we describe the chief characteristics of ayahuasca, discuss important questions raised about its use, and provide an overview of the scientific research supporting its potential therapeutic benefits.!

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Here Devi is shown as Sarvambikesha or the Complete Goddess. This title is made up of three Sanskrit
terms --
sarva (complete), ambika (mother), isha (god); thus identifying Her as the Complete Deity
from whom both Feminine and Masculine forms of divinity arise.

(Painting from private collection of Shakti Sadhana.)

What is Shakti Sadhana?

Shakti Sadhana is a Hindu spiritual discipline (usually some combination of Vedic and Tantric practice) that focuses worship upon Devi (the Goddess, in Her various forms), who both creates and embodies all the Universe. Many devotees conceive Devi as the Supreme Energy (Shakti) of Shiva (Supreme Consciousness); both identical to and inseparable from Him. Others, the "pure Shaktas," worship Her as nothing less than ParaBrahman (the Ultimate Divine Principle) Itself, the One Without a Second, holding that all other forms of Divinity, female or male, are but Her diverse manifestations.

Shakti Sadhana encompasses asana of all shakthis but not paisaachi and kshudra shakthis. Pauishachi is evil foces of ghosty origin and kshudra is evil devine forces. Both have nothing in common with shakthi sadhana. Shakti Sadhana main aim is to attain saarupya (looks) and sayujya (merger) with Adi Paraa Shakthi whose manifestations are lalita etc.

There are various path in Shakti Sadhana. There is Durga -Durga and her manifestations, Lashmi, Kali , Tara, The Dasa Maha Vidyas in short. Essentially in each path THAT Mahaa Vidya is treated as supreme and rest as subordinate.