Shakti Sadhana

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*** First Enclosure ***
The Second Enclosure
The Third Enclosure
The Fourth Enclosure
The Fifth Enclosure
The Sixth Enclosure
The Seventh Enclosure
The Eight Enclosure
The Ninth Enclosure
That which bewitches the three worlds

Note: The walls of the first enclosure of Sri Cakra are generally represented in the Sri Yantra as three square enclosures with opening on 4 cardinal points, collectively forming the first of the nine enclosures. The three lines are respectively white, red and yellow in color. The Yellos is not bright yellow, but the yellow color of butter. Nor is the red a deep red : it is aruna, the color of rising sun a sort of orangy red

The Outer Most Line [ Siddhis ]
Middle Line [ Matrikas Devis]
Innermost Line [ Mudra Devis ]

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[These are the Ten Siddhis [8], or Powers, guarding the white, outermost wall of the first enclosure white in color representing the sAtwic quality:]

I bow to the Siddhi called (1)Anima [Atomic Reduction], (2)Laghima [Lightness], (3)Mahima [Magnitude], (4) Isitva [Creative Control], (5)Vasitva [Enchanting Command], (6)Prakamya [Achievement], (7)Bhukti [Enjoyment], (8)Iccha [Willpower],
(9) Prapti [Attainment], (10) Sarvakama [Realization of All Desires].

[8] Sri Amritananda Natha’s recitation actually names 11 Siddhis, the third being Garima [Heaviness]. This is an acknowledgement that Garima Siddhi is worshipped some systems; but in most She is not, and She is not one of the Siddhis represented at Devipuram. This information is merely academic, and is not relevant to the practice of Khadgamala.