Shakti Sadhana

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The Different Enclosures and The Devis [ Main Index ]

*** The First Enclosure ***
The Second Enclosure
The Third Enclosure
The Fourth Enclosure
The Fifth Enclosure
The Sixth Enclosure
The Seventh Enclosure
The Eight Enclosure
The Ninth Enclosure
That which bewitches the three worlds

The Middle Line [ Matrikas ]
Outer Line [ Siddhi Devis]
Innermost Line [ Mudra Devis ]

The outermost layer of the wall is white in color, and is guarded by the ten Siddhis, or Powers. Having paid homage to the tenth and last of the Siddhis, Sarvakama, we may progress inward to the second layer of the enclosure wall, which is colored as the red of the rising sun.There are eight devatas guarding this layer they are the famous Seven Mothers (saptamatrka), plus one added Mahalaskmi. To learn more about the Saptamatrikas

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[These are the Saptamatrika, or Seven Mothers, plus MahaLakshmi, guarding the red, middle wall of the first enclosure, and here representing the Eight Passions. The color red symbolizes the Rajo guna.]

I bow to (1/11) BrAhmi [Lust], (2/12) MAheshwari [Anger], (3/13)Kaumari [Possessiveness], (4/14)Vaishnavi [Obsessiveness], (5/15) VArahi [Pride], (6/16)MAhendri [Jealousy], (7/17)ChAmunda [Individualism/“I?ness], (8/18)MahALakshmi [Sovereignity of the Mind]