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*** The First Enclosure ***
The Second Enclosure
The Third Enclosure
The Fourth Enclosure
The Fifth Enclosure
The Sixth Enclosure
The Seventh Enclosure
The Eight Enclosure
The Ninth Enclosure
That which bewitches the three worlds

The Inner Most Line [ Mudra Devis / Control Devis]
Outer Line [ Siddhi Devis]
Middle Line [ Matrikas Devis ]

[Next we encounter the “Control Devis”, guarding the yellow, innermost wall of the first enclosure. Sri Amritananda Natha comments: “These are the Ten Devis offering the devotee control over the passions of lust, anger, possessiveness, obsession, pride, jealousy, good, and evil” (represented by the Eight Mothers of the previous wall or line):]

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I bow to (1/19)SarwaSankshobhini [that which agitates all], (2/20)SarwaVidravina [that which liquifies/melts all], (3/21)SarwaAkarshini [that which attracts all], (4/22)SarwaVashankari [that which controls/commands all], (5/23)Sarwonmadini [that which maddens all], (6/24)SarwaMahAnkusa [that which directs/insists upon all], (7/25)SarwaKhechari [that which moves/flies all through space], (8/26)SarwaBija [the seed or information (DNA/“genetic map”) of all], (9/27)SarwaYoni [the source or womb of all/the uniter of all], (10/28) Sarwatrikhande [the trifold division/separator of all -- the knower, the knowing, and the known].
I bow to the Mistress of the the Chakra of the three worlds of waking, dreaming, and sleeping; the Yogini who expresses Herself openly without inhibitions
[Prakata means that which is expressed or revealed or manifested. Each group of devis in the enclosure has a group name, so the devis of the first enclusures are the outward, visible manifestations of Devi in the three worlds and its Mistress is worshiped last.]