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The All Agitating Chakras

Here follow the 16 attractive powers identified with the 16 days of the lunar calendar. According to the Hindu arts of love, the erotic zone moves up from feet to head in the bright half of the lunar month and comes down in the dark half of the lunar month; the expression of the Eros is through the various powers of the mind described below: The Goddesses of the Second Enclosure.

**** Work in progress.****

I bow to (1/45)Ananga Kusuma [the sentiment of flowering], (2/46) Ananga Mekhala [the sentiment of girdling (boundaries)], (3/47)Ananga Madana [the sentiment of love (arousal)], (4/48)Ananga MadanAntura [the sentiment of lust, (5/49)Ananga Rekha [the sentiment of crossing bounds], (6/50)Ananga Vegini [the sentiment of the desire of sex (fast)], (7/51)Ananga Ankusha [the sentiment of insistence on sex], (8/52)Ananga Malini [the sentiment of orgy of joy]. I bow to the mistress of this all agitating chakra - the esoteric yogini