Shakti Sadhana

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That bestows all the good fortunes

Here follow the descriptions of the fourteen worlds of the fourth enclosure, the Chakra that bestows good fortune:

This is work in progress. Pictures will be downloaded as we progresses along. See First Enclosure

I bow to the devis (1/53) Sarva SamksobhiNi [ she who agitates all], (2/54) Sarva VidrAvini [she who liquefies/floods all], (3/55) SarvAkarsini [she who attracts all] , (4/56) Sarva Hladini [she who pleases all], (5/57) Sarva Sammohini [she who deludes all], (6/58) Sarva Stambini [she who obstructs all (stops motion)], (7/59) Sarva Jrumbhini [she who expands/explodes all], (8/60) Sarva Vasamkari [she who controls all/makes all obey], (9/61) Sarva Ranjani, [she who enjoys all/gives ecstasy to all], (10/62) Sarvonmadini [she who maddens all], (11/63) Sarvarthasadhini [she who fulfills all/makes all prosperous], (12/64) Sarva Sampattipurani, [she who fills all with riches/ wealth], (13/65) Sarva Mantra Mayi [she who takes the form of all mantras/provides the “genes” of the Cosmos], (14/66) Sarva Dvandva Ksayamkari, [she who eliminates all dualities].

I bow to the great mistress of the chakra that bestows all good fortune the great traditional Yogini.