Shakti Sadhana

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SarwarakshA Chakra
Which is the Chakra of all protection

*** Work in progress ***

I bow to (1/77) Sarvajna [she who is all knowing/ complete knowledge protects], (2/78) Sarva Sakta [she who is all-powerful/ power protects], (3/79) Sarvaisvarya Pradayini [she who grants all superhuman qualities, which protect], (4/80) Sarva Jnanamayi [she who grants all knowledge/ knowledge is protection.], (5/81) Sarva Vyadhivinasini [she who destroys all illness/ health is protection], (6/82) Sarvadharasvarupa [she who supports all/ being grounded is protection], (7/83) Sarva PApahara [she who destroys the concept of sin / lack of sin is protection.], (8/84) SarvAnanda Mayi [she who is the very embodiment of pleasure/ happiness is the result of fearlessness, which is protection], (9/85) Sarva RakshA Svarupini [she who is in the form of protection], (10/86) Sarvepsita Phala Prade [she who is the provider of all desires/ you are protected when your desires are all fulfilled].

I bow to She who is the Mistress of the chakra of all protection; the yogini who protects you like a child in the womb.