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The Third Enclosure
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Sarvarogahara Chakra
The Chakra that destroys all illness

Here follow the eight forms of Saraswati, Goddess of Knowledge, which are originally the group of letters describing the explosion of the cosmos from a single point – the Seventh Enclosure that protects one from all illness, mundane and spiritual :

**** Work in progress ****

I bow to (1/87) Vasini [she who attracts everything], (2/88) Kamesvari [she who is the mistress of lust], (3/89) Modini [she who is happy], (4/90) Vimala [she who is blemish less], (5/91) Aruna [she who is red in color], (6/92) Jayini [she who is always victorious], (7/93) Sarvesvari [she who is the mistress of all], (8/94) Kaulini, [Enjoyer the mistress of kulAchara].

I bow to the mistress of the Chakra that destroys all illness- the secret yogini

[These are the weapons of the Divine Mother: ]

Banini–She who is adorned with The five flowery arrows of cupid called the senses of sound ( music ), touch (eros), form (beauty), taste (sweetness), smell (fragrance ). The arrows are known by their bIja mantras drAM, drIM, kLIM,bLooM and saH.

Capini– she who has the sugarcane bow ( the mind, which likes sweet things of life )with its string of bumble bees.

Pasini – She who is adorned with the noose of love

Ankusini - She who is adorned with the Elephant goad to control evil and wayward sensory desires