Khadgamala Devis

In addition to the Devis residing in each of the previous circuits, there are also Goddesses controlling each of the nine wheels:

(The following are the eight devis governing the eight outer enclosures described above:)

[1]      Tripura     The Three States: Waking, Dreaming and Sleeping (or Three Worlds: the Manifest Cosmos, The Heavenly Realms of the Devis and Devas, and Pure Transcendent Consciousness)

[2]     Tripuresi     The controller of these three states/worlds

[3]     Tripurasundari     The most beautiful one in all these three states/worlds

[4]     Tripurä Väsini     The one who lives in all these three states/worlds

[5]     Tripurä SriH     The riches of all these three states/worlds

[6]     Tripuramälini     The sequences of all these states experienced by all people

[7]     Tripurä Siddha     The achievements possible in all these three states

[8]     Tripurämba     The experience of the cosmos in Her three states, unifying all the experiences of all life

(The following are eight additional names of praise for Devi:)

[1]     Mahä Mahesvari     The great cosmic controller

[2]     Mahä Mahä Ranjni     The great cosmic empress

[3]     Mahä Mahä Shakta     The great cosmic power

[4]     Mahä Mahä Gupta     The great cosmic secret

[5]     Mahä Mahä Jnapta     The great cosmic memory

[6]     Mahä Mahännanda     The great cosmic bliss

[7]     Mahä Mahä Skandha     The great cosmic support

[8]     Mahä Mahäsaya     The great cosmic expression

(The following names the Devi governing the Ninth Enclosure):

[9]     Mahä Mahä Sri Cakra Nagara Samräjni
The great transcendental conscious Empress of the wheel of Sri Cakra

We bow to You, we bow to You, We bow to You
in the three states of waking, dreaming, and sleeping states,
O Divine Mother!