Sri Devi Khadgamala Stotram [ Introduction ]
Sri Devi Khadgamala Stotram: A Practice Text. © 2004 by the Shakti Sadhana Group. This version of the great Hindu religious text, Sri Devi Khadgamala Stotram, was prepared by the Shakti Sadhana Group ( for use by its members and all sincere devotees of Sri Devi, the Divine Mother (LalitA MahA Tripurasundari). This document may be copied and distributed at will for respectful private and/or public religious use, but it is emphatically not to be sold or published (in part or in whole) for profit or commercial gain. Scholars and other writers who wish to excerpt this material in their work must contact the Shakti Sadhana Group (through the website noted above) for permission before doing so. The Shakti Sadhana Group would like to offer its sincerest thanks and appreciation to Sri Amritananda Natha and Sri Bhasurananda Natha and many other Sadhaks of the Shakti Sadhana Group, who kindly provided the detailed and substantive commentary contained herein.

Of this Khadgamala [the Pure Garland of Shakti], the sword of Devi, the Seer is the Sun rising from the ocean, the ocean being the Divine Mother; Gayatri is the meter; passionate Kameshwari, sitting on the lap of [i.e., in coitus with] joyous Kameshwara is the deity; Aim is the seed; Klim is the power; Souh is the pivot

The purpose of the recitation is for the pleasure of Devi and for the obtaining of the sword that is the power to own everything in the universe and to fulfill all desires.

[This worship, which is the ocean's embrace with the Sun, gives the devotee a Sword, a power supreme that reaches the Heavens of the remotest galaxies. When the devotee visualizes such a sword, s/he becomes the protector and enjoyer of the 18 islands of jewels (or Shakti peetams), and five continents.]