Sri Devi Khadgamala Stotram [ Manasa Puja ]

Sri Devi Khadgamala Stotram: A Practice Text. © 2004 by the Shakti Sadhana Group. This version of the great Hindu religious text, Sri Devi Khadgamala Stotram, was prepared by the Shakti Sadhana Group ( for use by its members and all sincere devotees of Sri Devi, the Divine Mother (LalitA MahA Tripurasundari). This document may be copied and distributed at will for respectful private and/or public religious use, but it is emphatically not to be sold or published (in part or in whole) for profit or commercial gain. Scholars and other writers who wish to excerpt this material in their work must contact the Shakti Sadhana Group (through the website noted above) for permission before doing so. The Shakti Sadhana Group would like to offer its sincerest thanks and appreciation to Sri Amritananda Natha and Sri Bhasurananda Natha and many other Sadhaks of the Shakti Sadhana Group, who kindly provided the detailed and substantive commentary contained herein.

Manasa Puja

NOTE: The material is this box is contained in the accompanying mp3 recitation of Khadgamala Stotram – but it is NOT essential to effective recitation of the Stotram. You may choose to simply skip this part without any negative effect. Now we commence the five-fold pooja, which is the simplest and shortest pooja ever devised. This is a two-minute meditative pooja and performing it is said to take the place of all poojas, including even great poojas lasting hours or days

(So saying, rub your little finger from the root to the tip with the tip of the thumb, and in that process visualise everything offerable to the devi on Earth [or the waking state] being offered to her – anything and everything that is permeated with the earth quality. You should be able to feel the smell of parched earth freshly soaked in rain at the tip of the little finger when you do it. You must actually smell it; it should not be imagination. Those around you should be able to smell it too.)

(Thus reciting the beeja, rub the tip of your index finger on the thumb from root to tip. HAM is the akasha or ether beeja. Ether is the quality with which one destroys the sensual desires. You are offering ALL that attracts you in the world: Love, hate; sexual, non-sexual; every sensual pleasure, taste, smell, sight, etc.)

(So saying, rub the index finger from the root up, with the thumb. Dhoopa or smell is the effect of the vayu or air bIja. When you rub the index finger with thumb the smell of scented smoke should permeate the area. )

(so saying you shall you shall rub the middle finger with the thmb root up. In the process you must feel the heat – the precusor of light permeating the middle finger. With proper visualisation you will be able to light a wick with this mudra reciting the fire bIja raM) All mental processes that lead unto enlightenment are thus offered to Devi.)

(Say this with hands folded in anjali mudra holding of both hands palm joined [for Westerners, it will be easy to unerstand as the Indian gesture of “Namaste”]. The camphor flame is that flame which leaves nothing behind as residue, and as such represents the ultimate union of the soul in Devi – whereby one merges ultimately, completely in the Absolute. Thus we have offered Devi all that is in the Universe, contained in the pancha bhootas (the five elements), and have ultimately merged with Her, becoming One with Her.)

(Now that we have become One with Devi, for Her pleasure -- which is Your pleasure – we mentally offer her paan, or betel leaves smeared with lime and areca nuts representing all esoteric knowledge.)

[Then pray:] “May the Great Devi, who is BAlA Tripura SundariI, and also the Great KaameshwarI, who is One with the great and first Guru Shiva, be pleased with the mentally offered universe of the five elements. May SHE be pleased, happy, and grant me blessings.”