Shakti Sadhana
Lalitha Sahasranama Dhyanam

The Divine Mother is to be meditated upon as shining in a vermilion-red body, with triple eyes, sporting a crown of rubies studded with the crescent moon, a face all smiles, a splendid bust, one holding a jewel-cup brimming with mead, and the other twirling a red lotus

I think of Devi Bhavani as the Supreme I-Sense. She is rosy like the dawn, has eyes wherein surge waves of compassion and she holds in her four hands the noose, the goad, the flower-arrow and the sugar-cane bow. The effulgence of the eight siddhis beginning with minuteness surrounds her.

Devi Bhavani is ever to be contemplated upon as seated in a lotus, with a face beaming with joy, eyes soft and elongated like lotus petals, radiating a golden hue, dressed in yellow silk, sporting a golden lotus in her hand, perfect in every limb, profusely decorated, compassionate towards devotees, and bestowing protection and all prosperity on them. Adored by all celestials, she is the very embodiment of Sri Vidya and Tranquility.

At the time of performing Japa we should meditate on the Mother, whose body is anointed all over with vermilion and musk that attracts the bees, whose glance itself is a lovely smile, who holds in her hands the bow, the arrow, the noose and the goad, who captivates every one without exception, who is adorned with red garlands and ornaments and who shines with the hue of China rose.